Activities – Simple Past Tense

1) Rewrite the verbs in the Simple Past.
a) to walk –
b) marry –
c) read –
d) go –
e) love –
f) make –
g) stay –
h) fly –
i) clean –
j) finish –
2) Fill in the blanks with Simple Past.
a) Joe __________________ a car. (to buy)
b) She _________________ her house last week. (to sell)
c) They _________________ at the disco last night. (to dance)
d) Peter and Myriam ________________ French. (to study)
e) He ___________________ in the garden yesterday. (to work)
f) We ___________________ volleyball yesterday. (to play)
g) Allan and his sister ___________________ their grandparents. (to visit)
h) He ___________________ his finger with the knife. (to cut)
i) Susan _________________ many e-mails for her boss. (to write)
j) I ___________________ dinner. (to cook)
3) John had to go on a business trip to Edinburrgh, Scotland. Read the letter he wrote to his family and rewrite it with the correct form of the verbs in parenthesis.
On Friday, I ______________ (to travel) by underground to the airport. I ______________ (to buy)
some magazines at the airport. Then I _____________ (to fly) to Edinburgh on a British Airways Flight.
I ____________ (to have) dinner at the Taj Mahal Restaurant. After dinner, I _____________ (to see)
a film at the Odeon Cinema. My ticket _____________ (to cost) $8.00. I _____________ (to stay)
at the Cumberland Hotel, in room 351.
On Saturday morning I ____________ (to hire) a car and _______________ (to drive) to St. Andrews.
I _____________ (to pay) a deposit of $98,00. In the afternoon I _______________ (to go) fishing.
In the evening I ________________ (to return) to Edinburgh.
On Sunday morning I ______________ (to catch) the 10:55 train to London.
I ________________ (to arrive) back in London at 17:05.
Soon I’ll be with you!
Bye, John.
4) Turn the sentences into interrogative and negative form.
a) She cooked dinner last night.
b) Peter and Sally studied Japonese last week.
c) They gave her a book.
d) They sold their house.
e) Stella painted the door yesterday.
f) John rode his bicycle all day yesterday.
g) We played soccer last week.
h) I went to school by bus.
i) Sandy and her friend met Julie yesterday morning.
j) She stayed at her grandmother’s farm.
5) Use the verbs below to complete the sentences. Make all the necessary changes.
make – watch – paint – spend – buy – go – get – give – start – stay
a) We ______________ a great science-fiction movie yesterday.
b) The children _____________ some of their money comics.
c) Mom _____________ a delicious strawberry pie for dessert.
d) Jonathan ______________ (negative) to mall on Sunday. He _______________ sick and ______________ in bed.
e) katie ______________ a beautiful canvas and _______________ it to her cousin.
f) I _______________ (negative) any video games because I was broke.
g) The show _________________ (negative) on time because of the rain.
6) What do you know about Aleijadinho? Read an extract of his biography and complete the sentences with Simple Past.
One of the Twelve Prophets soapstone sculpture, outside the church of Bom Jesus de Matozinhos (begun 1757) in Congonhas do Campo, Brazil.
Aleijadinho, byname of Antônio Francisco Lisboa (born August 9, 1738?) Villa Rica
(now Ouro Preto), Brazil – ____________ (to die) November 18, 1814, Mariana),  prolific
and influential Brazilian sculptor and architect whose Rococo statuary and religious articles
complement the dramatic sobriety of his churchues.
Aleijadinho, the son of the Portuguese architect Manoel Francisco Lisboa and an African woman,
___________ (to be) born with a degenerative disease that _____________ (to lead) to deformation
of his limbs (his sobriquet means “Little Cripple”). He eventually  ______________ (to lost) the use
of his hands, but he __________________ (to continue) working with tools ______________ (to strap)
to his arms throughout the rest of his career. […]
He also _____________ (to designe) _____________ (to build) and _____________ (to decorate)
the sanctuary of Bom Jesus de Matozinhos, Congonhas do Campo (begun 1757) which is perhaps
his most famous work.
ALEIJADINHO, Encyclopaedia Britannica. Disponível em: <>.
(Fragmento). Acesso em: 27 jan.2015.
a) walked
b) married
c) read
d) went
e) loved
f) made
g) stayed
h) flew
i) cleaned
j) finished
a) bought
b) sold
c) danced
d) studied
e) worked
f) played
g) visited
h) cut
i) wrote
j) cooked
traveled – bought – flew – had – saw – cost – stayed – hired – drove – paid – went – returned – caught – arrived
I: Did she cook dinner last night?
N: She didn’t cook dinner last night.
I: Did Peter and Sally study Japonese last week?
N: Peter and Sally didn’t study Japonese last week.
I: Did they give her a book?
N: They didn’t give her a book.
I: Did they sell their house?
N: They didn’t sell their house.
I: Did Stella paint the door yesterday?
N: Stella didn’t paint the door yesterday.
I: Did John ride his bicycle all day yesterday?
N: John didn’t ride bicycle all day yesterday.
I: Did we play soccer last week?
N: We didn’t play soccer last week.
I: Did I go to school by bus?
N: I didn’t go to school by bus.
I: Did Sandy and her friend meet Julie yesterday afternoon?
N: Sandy and her friend didn’t meet Julie yesterday afternoon.
I: Did she stay at her grandmother’s farm?
N: She didn’t stay at her grandmother’s farm.
a) watched
b) spent
c) made
d) didn’t go / got / stayed
e) painted / gave
f) didn’t buy
g) didn’t start
died / was / led / lost / continued / strapped / designed / built / decorated


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