Text – Camping

Today many people go camping not only in the United States, but also in other countries.
Campers usually set up camp everywhere. Some go to the mountains, others go to the beach and others prefer the woods or the countryside. They like to go camping with their friends and families. They take tents, sleeping bags, gas stoves and flashlights. It is not very comfortable to sleep in a tent, but it is a lot fun. Some people like to go camping in a trailer because it is more comfortable.
Campers usually get up very early to have breakfast. Then they take long walks or swim in a lake. In the afternoon, they play ball or read a good book. In the evening they get together around the fire and sing. Then they go to sleep.
Real campers love life and freedom. They don’t cause any harm to animals and nature.
1) Write T for True or F for False.
a) (    ) A trailer is very comfortable, but is a tent is more comfortable.
b) (    ) Camping is popular in many places.
c) (    ) People get up late when they go camping.
d) (    ) Campers don’t like freedom.
e) (    ) Campers set up camp everywhere.
2) Match the columns.
(1) There are many campers
(2) Real campers don’t
(3) Some campers like trailers
(4) Campers usually
(5) It is not very comfortable to sleep in a tent
(     ) because they are more comfortable.
(     ) in very part of the world.
(     ) but it is a lot of fun.
(     ) cause any harm to nature.
(     ) get up early.
3) Answer the questions.
a) What do you call people that go camping?
b) List some places where people like to camp.
c) What is the first thing that campers do in the morning?
d) What do they usually do in the evening?
e) Why do some campers prefer a trailer?
4) Complete the sentences with the words below.
usually – freedom – fun – countryside – harm
a) I have _____________ when I go to the amusement park.
b) Campers cause no ____________ to nature.
c) They ____________ go to the movies Saturday evenings.
d) Do you prefer a house in the city or in the _________________?
e) Prisoners want _________________.
a) F
b) T
c) F
d) F
e) T
a) Campers.
b) Mountains, beach, woods or countryside.
c) They have breakfast.
d) They get together around the fire and sing.
e) Because it is more comfortable.
a) fun
b) harm
c) usually
d) countryside
e) freedom

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