Verb to be – Simple Past (Was / Were)

O verbo to be expressa dois significados: ser ou estar.
I was reading a book about cinema. (Eu estava lendo um livro sobre cinema.)
I was a good student. (Eu era uma boa estudante.)
We were at the club yestreday. (Nós estávamos no clube ontem.)
Those boys were American. (Aqueles garotos eram americanos.)
Conjugação do verbo to be
I was
You were
He was
She was
It was
We were
You were
They were



1) Complete with was or were.
a) She __________ Mr. Brown’s secretary.
b) It ___________ very hot last week.
c) Jim and Leo ____________ at the shopping mall yesterday.
d) You ___________ good students.
e) I ____________ at may friend’s house last night.
f) Pablo ____________ in Paris last year.
g) They ____________ at home yesterday.
h) I and my mother ____________ at the restaurant.
i) He ____________ in the office.
j) Susan and Lucy _____________ my classmates.
2) Read this text and fill in the gaps with the Past Tense of the verb to be.
Valentine ____________ a Roman. He helped the Christians during the time of the persecutions.
He _____________ captured and they put him in prison. He _____________ very unhappy there.
The jailer’s daughter _____________ in the prison too, working there with her father.
She ____________ a very beautiful girl and Valentine fell in love her.
He wrote love notes to her and they ______________ very happy together, but poor
Valentine _______________ put to death on the 14th February, Saint Valentine’s Day.
3) Tick the correct alternative.
a) We ___________ at home yesterday.
(     ) was              (     ) were
b) I __________ Tom’s classmate.
(     ) were            (     ) was
c) My brother and I ___________ at a barbecue at John’s house.
(     ) was              (     ) were
d) Allan and Jim ____________ at the theater last week.
(     ) were            (     ) was
e) It ___________ a nice day.
(     ) was            (     ) were
f) They ___________ at a birthday day.
(     ) were            (     ) was
g) She ____________ at the club last Sunday.
(     ) was            (     ) were
h) The weather ___________ sunny yesterday.
(     ) were            (     ) was
4) Observe the pictures and write the sentences below acccording to the personalities.

a) He was the creator of “Romeo and Juliet”.
b) ____________________________________________.
c) ____________________________________________.
d) ____________________________________________.
5) Fill in the blanks with was or were.
Last year, I ___________ in Tokyo, Japan. I _____________ near my family. I ____________
in a school called Fuji School. It ___________ a small school, but there ____________
many students in my classroom.
My favorite subject _____________ Math and my teacher ____________ really nice.
My friend _____________ Yuri. We ______________ neighbors.
a) was
b) was
c) were
d) were
e) was
f) was
g) were
h) were
i) was
j) were
was – was – was – was – was – were – was
a) were
b) was
c) were
d) were
e) was
f) were
g) was
h) was
b) She was a dancer, a singer and an actress. She was also the Queen of Carnivals.
c) He was a famous Brazilian soccer player in the 60’s.
d) These young men were famous for their songs in the 60’s.
was – was – was – was – were – was – was – was – were

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